Hello, I'm Mahesh

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{Troubleshooter, Reader, Swimmer, Human}

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Bengaluru, India

On this site I like to document my thoughts, experiences, share information and leave my presense on the web.

I’m a Human (Not AI). I troubleshoot, Swim, Read and Learn everyday. I love OpenSource tools and software. I try to use OpenSource software in day to day life where possible and ask my friends to do the same. I’m interested in tech, learning about stock markets and listening to people.

Here are my latest blogs!

Using IaC to Manage DNS Records

Managing DNS records for my domain using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and github actions.

Trying the Zed code editor on Windows

I tried the Zed code editor on Windows.

Quick and easy directory navigation using CDPATH

Using CDPATH to traverse through directories efficiently in Linux.

Technology Terms

Tech industry buzz words. These are mostly for my own reference.