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About Me

Hello! I’m Mahesh Rijal 👋. Nice to see you here!

I browse the internet, learn new things, listen to podcasts, contemplate life, research finance among other things.

I live in Bengaluru, India which means I’m stuck in traffic a lot. But on the positive, I enjoy the lakeside strolls, random rainfalls during a sunny day and the pleasant weather all year round.

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See my name and pronouciation.

I love OpenSource stuff and I also love finance & investing. Sadly however, I’m part of the of the 89% club i.e. 89% people who lost money trading Futures & Options.

The hardware I use is listed here.

What am I upto?

You can see what I’m doing now, browse some of my favorite quotes or see the stuff I’m reading.

Fun Fact


You can find all the online platforms I’m on listed below. If the profile is not listed here, I don’t own the account. You can also drop a message if you want to connect via mail.